Principal's Message

Greetings Hawk family and friends,

Learning is not a spectator sport - so let's run, jump, or dive into 2017-18! This year's theme, Healthy as a Hawk, emphasizes our commitment to academic, physical, and emotional fitness for our students and staff. School is a lot like sports: we have two semesters like the two halves of a soccer game and four marking periods like the four quarters of a football game. We function as individuals like tennis, yet also work as groups like the members of a track team. In athletics, we practice to improve our techniques while in school we use homework to practice skills we learned in class. Teachers, like coaches, offer support and knowledge to help us achieve our final goal of reaching our greatest potential. School helps us to stretch our minds and bodies to develop new talents we have not discovered yet.

I sincerely believe that grades 6, 7 and 8 are the best three years of a student’s school journey. At Pocahontas Middle School, our staff is committed to shaping students into the scholars, athletes, musicians, performers and leaders they choose to become. It is an extraordinary learning community focused on student development and success. We challenge, collaborate and celebrate. Our staff is excited to share middle school with your Hawk!

Please check our links for up-to-date information on all the incredible opportunities for our students and school community. Contact us at 364-0830 with any questions. We look forward to sharing middle school with your family!

Kim Sigler

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